Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai

Big Data Technologies, Hadoop is the Market Leader. For every professional Hadoop is an important skill in the field. FITA – The best training institute is conducting Hadoop Training in Chennai with the strong mix of concepts and practical exercise. Big Data and Hadoop Certification are designed to prepare you for the next assignment in the Big Data World.  FITA – Big Data Training in Chennai provide you with 2.7 essential skills and practical work experience in Big Data Hadoop, real world projects.

Once after finishing Big Data Training in FITA – Best Big Data Training Institute in Chennai you can expects the following Outcome:

  • You will be a Master in Hadoop 2.7 framework Concepts, along with the deployment.
  • You can write Map producing programs
  • You can perform Data Analytics using Hadoop components like Pig and Hive
  • You can be a Master in 2.7 Big Data concept includes Zookeeper, sqoop, Hbaseo System
  • Understand in-depth knowledge in Hadoop Ecosystem includes apache, blume, Oozie workflow scheduler.
  • You will learn real-time project based work

Who Should I Learn Big Data Hadoop Course?

We have many opportunities in Big Data world. For the Professionals, It has become a much-know technology.
Generally Software Developers, Analytics professionals, Business intelligence professionals, Data Management professionals, Project Managers, Architects, Data Scientists and Graduates who interested in Big Data Hadoop start you career with Hadoop.

Why Java developers should learn Hadoop technology?

Hadoop is completely written in Java and thus the Hadoop course is suitable for Java professional.

The Map reduce code has been written in Java language so that the Java developer can easily understand it and work it out.

It is easy to extend Pig Latin using UDF (User Defined Functions) for Java developers as it is written in Java Script.

ARE YOU A JAVA PROFESSIONAL? Enroll today for Hadoop Course at Training in T. Nagar