Importance of good manners

One might have to meet different kinds of people in his/her life as part of various formal and informal activities of daily life. What remains common in such situations is manners. Good manners are known to bring goodwill to a person’s character. It indicates how well he has been brought up. It also talks about the people whom they carry along with him/her. It plays a vital role in shaping the nature of a human being. The good manners that you exhibit are sure to earn you dignity and respect. When you show good manners, it ultimately affects your habits and you start to develop good habits. There are a lot of Spoken English Classes in Chennai that treats good manners an important factor in professional life and stress upon the importance of good manners.

Good manners pave way for both individual and overall development of the society. To be accepted as an important person in the society, one has to have good manners. When you attend a Spoken English Class in Chennai, you will notice that they emphasize on the development of practicing good manners. Good manners mean caring and understanding the people around you. You should be careful not to hurt anyone. And you can ensure this by practicing good manners. When you offer your seat to an elderly or a physically challenged person, the people around you might learn good manners from you. The effort you put to greet a person can make an impression in the other person’s heart. Even a smile is part of good manners. One should learn to smile at people at necessary situations regardless of their position, gender, color or age. Many people are simply not courteous to mention a ‘thank you’ to people who gave them a helping hand. This is surely bad manners. And everyone should avoid such habits and be thankful to people who help you.

Manners are slowly decreasing from people’s life. And the explanation given by them is that they don’t have time for all this in this fast-paced world. Many feel that it is not a big issue. The problem is that they don’t realize the value of good manners. Institutes through Spoken English in Chennai try to bring the habit of practicing good manners among their students. Let us look at some of the most important good manners we should practice.

  • Use the word ‘Please’ when you need a help.
  • Say the word ‘Thank you’ when someone helps you out.
  • Say ‘Sorry’ when you commit something wrong. Accept your mistake and apologize.
  • Smile at people around you
  • Say ‘Excuse me’ when you want to get the attention of a person
  • Share whatever you have with the people around you. It can be food or things.
  • Avoid commenting on others physical appearances. Every person is different and it can sometimes hurt a person’s emotions.
  • Knock on doors and wait for response
  • Cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing
  • Help others around you
  • Ask permission before using or taking another person’s things

One should make sure to follow these good manners and teach people around them. Trainers in the Best Spoken English Class in Chennai teach their students the necessity to follow these good manners and how it can affect their job life and career.

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