CCNA Training in TNagar

CCNA Training in TNagar

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate which is an entry-level certification provided by Cisco. And is considered as mandatory if you are looking for a career in networking. FITA Academy is one of the leading institute which offers CCNA Course Online.

Why FITA Academy?

We prepare our students as per global standards for their high scores in the certification. Our students gain knowledge in configuring, installation and troubleshooting in routers and switches. Thus, making it easy to sort out real-time issues in any network. Our trainers train the students in such a way that after the course completion they will be able to solve the issues in any complex network.

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that our students will be able to crack any networking based exam. We also provide certification assistance for our students. We have signed-up with over 550+ companies to facilitate our students with industrial knowledge.

CCNA Training in TNagar

CCNA is a great choice of career as everything is bind with networks these days. Here we consider basic knowledge in IP, routers and switches as a pre-requisite to join this course. Once you complete this course you will be having sufficient knowledge in building of simple networks, understanding the operations & troubleshooting of IPv6, implementation of basic security features, work comfortably on switches, & routers, configuration of Ethernet, managing LAN & WAN.

Undergo CCNA Course in Chennai for best career option!

Cisco pioneered switching and routing technologies continue to lead the way. Networking is the greatest and largest market share base in the industry. It is in more demand in the industry. CCNA Training in TNagar gives you more career opportunities. It prepares in the digital era for network evolution. Going for networking keeps you update on current technology trends. This course teaches you to operate, network, troubleshoot complex networks and systems.

In Information Technology, Networking is the design, construction and use of network including physical like the hub, switch, router etc. A networking is a collection of computers which are able to connect with one another. CCNA Training in TNagar is gaining its popularity amidst IT professionals. Some of the advantages of networking are:-

  • Helps users to communicate with each other
  • We can share important files and documents within the network
  • Share costly hardware and software in the network
  • We can backup data through network

More than half of the internet traffic and network runs over Cisco network. Hence, getting certified in this will certainly help in your selection. There is no end to your career in this sector as your progress is constant. You can take up data center, wireless & security certification, cloud collaboration as the next move.



  • What is a computer network?
  • Computer network topologies
  • Simplex, half duplex and full duplex communication modes
  • Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection protocol

TCP/IP and OSI suit

  • TCP/IP layers
  • Data encapsulation process
  • OSI model layers

Network Interface Layer

  • Ethernet protocol in the physical layer
  • ‘Hub’, a device working in the physical layer
  • Ethernet protocol in the data link layer
  • What is the MAC address?
  • ‘Switch’, a device working in the data link layer
  • Collision domain

Inter networking Layer

  • IP (Internet Protocol)
  • Network IP?
  • Broadcast IP?
  • Unicast, multicast and broadcast communication
  • IP header
  • ‘Router’, a device working in the internetworking layer
  • Broadcast domain

Subnet Mask and Subnetting

Network Infrastructure

  • NIC settings
  • Default gateway
  • ARP
  • ICMP

Transport and Application Layers

  • Transport layer protocols (TCP and UDP)
  • Application layer protocols


Cisco IOS, The Router Device

  • LAN and WAN interfaces
  • The router’s hardware
  • Booting up a router

Cisco IOS, CLI Commands

  • CLI (Command Line Interface) modes
  • Privileged mode commands, ‘show’ command, network connectivity, backing up and restoring processes
  • Global configuration mode commands
  • CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)

Routing Protocols

  • Routing protocols basics
  • Static routing
  • Dynamic routing
  • Distance vector routing
  • Routing loops

RIP Routing Protocol

  • RIP is a classful routing protocol
  • RIPv2 (RIP version 2)
  • IGRP routing protocol

OSPF Routing Protocol

  • OSPF neighbors and adjacencies in a LAN
  • OSPF configuration
  • DR election

EIGRP Routing Protocol

  • EIGRP configuration
  • Administrative Distance (AD)
  • Default route

Switch Operation

Virtual LAN (VLAN)

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)



  • Security threats
  • Security threats mitigation
  • Port security — Switch
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • Static NAT, dynamic NAT and PAT

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) basics
  • WAN connection types
  • HDLC and PPP protocols

Wireless LAN

  • Wireless LAN basics


  • IPv6 basics, addressing, configuration, types, Routing protocols


What do you mean by IP Address?

IP address stands for Internet Protocol is a 32-bit to 128-bits identifier which is unique for a device on TCP/IP protocol. The two versions of IP address are IPv4 (32-bits) and IPv6 (128-bits).

Mention the various password used in securing a Cisco router

  • VTY
  • Enable Secret
  • Consol
  • Enable Password
  • Aux

What is meant ARP and RARP?

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol used to map an IP address to a physical machine.

RARP stands for Reverse Address Resolution Protocol used to map MAC address to the IP address.

List the types of cables used in routing

  • Straight cable
  • Cross cable
  • Rollover cable

List the functions of the transport layer

  • Numbering segmenting
  • Multi tasking
  • Error detection & correction
  • Segment fragmentation
  • Reliable and unreliable data delivery
  • Flow control
  • Windowing

Explain the working of cut-through LAN

When router receives data frame, it is send out without any delay and forwarded to the next segment of a network after reading the address of destination.

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