Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Training in T.Nagar offers the best training for Spoken English Classes in Chennai with innovative teaching methodologies. We offer the spoken English class in Chennai for the students with the help of native speakers. Join to enhance your communication. For enquiry call us @ 9345045466.

Kickstart your career with Training in T.Nagar Chennai to get excellent English speakers. Be more confident and express yourself even better with Spoken English Classes in Chennai. We don’t just give training, instead work with your growth.

The beauty of the English language.

English is known as the language of opportunity. In the globalized world, the English language is considered as the major language.  The English language plays an important role in communication between two individuals. It acts as a mediator between two different countries. United Nations have recognized the English language as one the official language among the five other languages.

English is a language that is most widely spoken across the world. Learning English is very important these days and English is considered as an official language for nearly 53 countries in the world. English is spoken as the first language in many countries. Around 500 million people speak English as their first language. English is not only considered as the language of communication, but also the language of knowledge. Learning the English language will fetch you many rewards.

Why should we learn the English language?

English is the most commonly spoken language.

In ancient days during the imperialism period, British had its major control on some of the countries like India. People in India were forced to learn English language and the knowledge of the English language became a necessity to sustain the technically growing country. Since the globalization, people began to explore the world and they started to work to in the foreign country and gradually they started to settle in the foreign countries.  Which means learning of the English language will help you to live in any part of the world.  Learning the English language will pay you to reward. It is necessary for everyone to learn English because now a day’s English is considered as the language of knowledge. Spoken English Online Course helps you to learn the grammar, pronunciation with a short period.

English opens up many opportunities in the world.

Fluency in English is considered as the qualification in many Multinational companies. Many multinational companies that are set in India have another company in the English speaking countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America which offer onsite opportunities to employees those who have better English speaking skills. There are many jobs that are recognized internationally like the film media, translation, airlines and the tourism seek English speaking people. So it is necessary to learn the English language.

English in the business sector:

English as a language will help you to grow in the business field. English is also considered as the language of business. Adding English as a language in your curriculum vitiate will seek you a good job. Fluent English speakers have a great future in English speaking countries. Ability to speak in English will help in the progress of your company.

 Access to world best places and worlds best universities:

People those are fluent in English does not worry about travelling to the new country. Even if they are lost they need not worry because English is the most commonly used language across the world. English gives you the confidence to reach new places and get along with new people. English is considered as the language of education. In order to get into top universities like the Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford you need to have spoken English skills. Studying in top colleges will help you to get a job in world’s best company. English not only helps to get a job but also helps you to upgrade yourself in the technically growing country.

Get to know new things:

English will help to access knowledge that is derived from websites and WebPages. Most of the web page information is written in English. Only those who have English knowledge can assess the pages. English is famous for its literature, only those who know English can get to know about the English culture.

The importance of English language in day to day life is mentioned above. In order to learn any new language, one must undergo proper training for that particular language. There are many training centers that offer Spoken English classes in Chennai for the students from beginner to the advanced level.

What’s different in FITA Academy?

English is the medium of instruction. Through creative and innovative methods and technology, we aspire students to match expectations with great solutions. We help you to prepare with presentations skills, public speaking skills, interview skills and much more. Our mentor will give you 100% training to be a success with the right skill and communication tool. We conduct mock interviews to make you increase your self-confidence. Our mentors are user-friendly. We encourage students to speak English even in the classroom. Students experience different with FITA Academy.

FITA Academy is one among them and it is ranked as the best training center in Chennai.

Why choose FITA Academy?

  • FITA Academy offers both classroom training and online training.
  • Flexible class hours: weekdays and weekends.
  • FITA Academy provides the best training with skilled professionals.
  • We provide real-time coaching with a fun-filled environment.


  • Parts of Speech
  • Grammar
  • Body Language/ Positive Attitude
  • Day-to-day activity practices
  • Conversation
  • Thinking in English
  • Listening, Speaking, reading and writing skills.

FITA Academy offers Spoken English Classes in Chennai on three different levels.


  • Beginners
  • Intermediate and
  • Advanced spoken English

Enhance with FITA Academy the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai! Are you feeling shy in front of your colleagues? Connect with Training in T.Nagar Chennai to get your dream job!

FITA Academy Venue

We have three branches located in Velachery, OMR and T Nagar which is very close to Pallikaranai, Tambaram, Thiruvanmiyur, Porur, Medavakkam, Perungudi, Shollinganallur, West Mambalam, Mylapore, Ekkatuthangal, Saidapet, Choolaimedu, Adyar, Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Aminjikarai, Camp road.

English must be spoken in a way it is spoken. Join Spoken English classes in Chennai at FITA Academy to become a successful English speaker. For more details call @ 9345045466.

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