iOS Training in Chennai

iOS Training in Chennai

Get smart by getting trained from FITA’s iOS Training in Chennai. We give real-world Training with valuable technical skills. Flexible Timings! The excellence of Training in Training in T.Nagar! Qualified professionals! Deliver with real impact.

Who Are We

We strive hard to create your own vision of developing your knowledge in iOS Development. Our training is to fill the gaps of our students to achieve their career goals. Undergoing Training in T. Nagar aids you to learn the subject tricks of the trade from the most advanced technology. Our goal is to create a bridge between students and technology in iOS Training. Tutors here work with passion to frame skilled, confident and expert iOS Developers.

Why iOS Development Training?

iOS is one the most advanced operating systems by one of our leading giants Apple. To be a successful developer one need to start their career in developing apps. Never mind if you are not coded before, you’ll rapidly increase your speed by developing simple new games.  iPhone and iPad are potentially the most paramount piece of technology hardware created for current years. This is the important reason that makes sense for people to hire a iOS Developer.

7 Skills to be an iOS Developer

To be a successful iOS developers one should have the following skills.

  • Swift
  • Networking
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Grand Central Dispatch
  • Core Data
  • Git and Github
  • Design Guidelines

Future scope in iOS

iOS is a ruling mobile OS and there is a promising future. When compared to Android or PHP, you get a quick growth in salary. Apple’s new programming language Swift introduced a year ago, is heavily used by developers. It’s considered to be the future of iOS development.

FITA Academy iOS Syllabus


  • iOS Architecture and SDK Frameworks
  • iPhone and iPad Device Anatomy
  • Apple iOS Developer Program
  • iOS and SDK Version Compatibility

Xcode 5

  • Tour of the IDE
  • Creating a New Project
  • Automatic Configuration
  • LLVM and LLDB
  • Templates, Projects, and Workspaces
  • Debug Gauges
  • XCTest Testing Framework
  • Asset Management
  • Continuous Integration and Bots

C for Experienced Programmers

  • Classes, Objects, and Methods
  • Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
  • Declared Properties
  • Formal and Informal Protocols
  • Categories and Extensions
  • Blocks
  • Memory Management

Architecture and Application Patterns

  • IBOutlets and IBActions
  • Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Subclassing and Delegation

Windows and Views

  • The View Hierarchy
  • Containers
  • Text and Web Views
  • Navigation View and Tab Bars
  • Alert Views and Action Sheets
  • Controlling Rotation Behavior
  • View Autosizing
  • Autolayout


  • Transitions
  • Adding Scenes
  • Using in a Tab Bar Application
  • Segues

Table Related Views

  • Static and Dynamic Table Views
  • Custom Cells
  • Delegates and DataSources
  • Table View Styles

Navigation Applications

  • Adding the Root View Controller
  • Controlling the Stack Navigation Programmatically
  • Creating the Navigation Controller

UIDatePicker and UIPickerView

  • Hiding the Keyboard
  • Designing the UI
  • Memory Management
  • Coding for the Data Picker

Files and Directories

  • Working with Directories
  • Problems Solved by ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Pathnames in Objective-C
  • NS File Handle, NS File Manager, and NS Data
  • Working with Files
  • Reading and Writing from a File
  • iCloud
  • Key-Value Data
  • Archiving

Working with Data

  • Overview of Core Data
  • SQLite Integration
  • Persistent Store Coordinator
  • Using SQLite Directly
  • Managed Objects
  • Retrieving and Modifying Data
  • Entity Descriptions

Taps, Multitouch, and Gestures

  • The Responder Chain
  • Gesture Recognizers
  • Enabling Multitouch on the View
  • Touch Notification Methods
  • Gesture Motions


  • Quartz 2D and Core Graphics
  • Paths, Lines, and Shapes


  • Application States
  • State Restoration
  • Background Execution
  • Background App Refresh in iOS 7


  • Core Animation Blocks
  • Transformations
  • Animation Curves


  • Local Notifications
  • Push Notifications


  • Operation Queues
  • Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
  • Main Dispatch Queue
  • Serial and Concurrent Queues
  • Completion Blocks

Core Location Framework

  • MK Map View and Map Kit Framework
  • Location Accuracy
  • Calculating Distances
  • Obtaining Location Information


  • Synchronous Downloads
  • Reachability
  • Parsing JSON
  • AirDrop
  • Asynchronous Downloads
  • Sending HTTP GET and POST Requests
  • Handling Timeouts
  • Parsing XML

Targeting Multiple Devices

  • iPad vs. iPhone
  • Supporting iOS 6 and iOS 7
  • Multiple SDK Support
  • Universal Apps
  • Detecting Device Capabilities


  • Numbers
  • Language and Region
  • NSLocale
  • Resources
  • Text
  • Dates

Power Optimization and Performance

  • Instruments
  • Memory Usage, Spikes, and Leaks
  • Responsiveness
  • Measuring Performance
  • Networking and Power

What FITA Academy does in IOS Training

With highly qualified professional trainer iOS Training T. Nagar is certified as #1 in the technology world. Our iOS Course in Chennai starts with Swift language and instructor the basic knowledge in programming for app development. At the end of the iOS Training in Chennai, you will have a solid knowledge about coding. We train and make you work on real-time projects with the counsel of our tutors in iOS Training in Chennai.

FITA Academy Venue

We have three branches located in Velachery, OMR and T Nagar which is very close to Aminjikarai, Tambaram, Medavakkam, Camp Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Perungudi, Shollinganallur, West Mambalam, Mylapore, Ekkatuthangal, Porur, Saidapet, Choolaimedu, Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Adyar, Pallikaranai.

Switch your career to iOS developer in Training T. Nagar. Nurture your Talent with Best iOS Training Institute in Chennai!

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