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PHP Training in Chennai

What is PHP?

PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. It is an HTML – Scripting Language primarily designed for web development and general purpose programming language. It can be combined with various techniques like web content management system, web template system, and web frameworks. PHP process the interpreter code as a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It has many upgraded version which carries logical steps to develop or break the backward compatibility of code. Undergo PHP Online Course with FITA Academy experts.

Why learn PHP at FITA Academy?

FITA Academy is one of the best PHP Training Institute in Chennai that gives you strong theoretical knowledge in the subject with practical training. FITA Academy has well-experienced trainers from various MNC Companies with 8+ years of experience for PHP Training in Chennai. FITA Academy offers you an Advanced level of PHP Training at an affordable price with 100% placement guaranteed assistance and certification assistance for the students.

PHP Training in Chennai Course Syllabus:

Introduction to Web and PHP:

  • What are PHP and its history?
  • Why is it useful to choose PHP?
  • Software Installation Overview
  • Embedding PHP code
  • Output dynamic text
  • Inserting the code comments
  • Operational trail

Exploring Data Types:

  • Variables
  • Strings and string function
  • Integer and Floating point
  • Arrays & Constants
  • Associative arrays
  • Array functions
  • Booleans
  • Type juggling and casting
  • Null and Empty

Control Structures: Loop

  • While loops
  • For loops
  • For each loops
  • Continue
  • Understanding array pointers
  • Break

Control Structures: Logical Expressions

  • If statements
  • Else statements
  • Elseif Statements
  • Switch statements
  • Logical Operators

User Defined Functions:

  • Function Defining
  • Function Arguments
  • Multiple Return Values
  • Function Returning Values
  • Default argument Value Setting
  • Scope and Global variable


  • Common problems, Warning and errors
  • Debugging and troubleshooting

OOPs Concepts

Forms and Form Data:

  • Forms Building
  • Detecting form submissions
  • Validating form values
  • Single-page form processing
  • Displaying validation Errors
  • validation logic Problem
  • Single-page form with validations
  • Custom validation functions

Webpage Building:

  • Links and URLs
  • Using GET values
  • Encoding HTML and Encoding GET values
  • Modifying headers
  • File Including and requiring
  • Output buffering
  • Page redirection

Working with PHP Cookies and Sessions:

  • Working with cookies
  • Setting, Unsetting & Reading cookie values
  • Working with the sessions

MySQL Basics:

  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Database table Creation
  • Relational database tables
  • Populating a MySQL and Relational database

Accessing MySQL with PHP:

  • Database APIs
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Working with retrieved data
  • Data Retrieval from MySQL
  • Creating records
  • Updating and deleting records
  • Escaping strings for MySQL
  • SQL injection

Building Content Management System (CMS)

  • Application Blueprinting
  • Building CMS database
  • Establishing work area
  • Styling the first page
  • Page assets reusable
  • Connecting Application to the database

Content choosing Using Site Navigation:

  • Adding and Selecting pages
  • Highlighting current page
  • Navigation Refactoring
  • Moving the navigation to a function

CRUD Application:

  • Finding the subject in the database
  • New subject form creation
  • Refactoring page selection
  • Processing form values, adding and deleting the subjects
  • Passing data
  • Validating form values
  • Single-page submission
  • Creating and edit subject form
  • Cleaning up

Page Access Regulating:

  • Overview to User authentication
  • Admin CRUD
  • Passwords Encrypting
  • Salting passwords
  • Adding password encryption
  • login system Creation
  • New PHP password functions
  • Creating logout page
  • Checking for authorization

PHP Advanced Techniques:

  • Applying array functions more.
  • Dates and times Formatting – Strings and SQL
  • Building dates and times – Epoch/Unix
  • Request Variable and Setting server
  • Making reference assignment
  • Establishing static and variable scope
  • Using references as function arguments and function return Values.

Working with Files & Directions:

  • File system basics
  • File Setting permissions
  • Understanding file permissions
  • PHP permissions
  • Writing to files
  • Accessing files
  • Deleting and Reading Files
  • Working with directories
  • Viewing directory content
  • Moving file pointer
  • Examining file details

Emails Sending:

  • Email PHP Configuring
  • Using Headers
  • Sending email mail()
  • Using PHP Mailer
  • Reviewing SMTP

PHP Training FITA Academy Venue:
We have three branches located in Velachery, OMR and T Nagar which is very close to Medavakkam, Pallikaranai, Saidapet, Thiruvanmiyur, Porur, Perungudi, Sollinganallur, Tambaram, West Mambalam, Camp Road, Anna Nagar, Mylapore, Ekkatuthangal, Choolaimedu, Adyar, Ambattur, Aminjikarai.

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