DevOps Training in TNagar

DevOps Training in TNagar

Are you confused about choosing what to learn as an extra mile to start your career? FITA Academy offers you DevOps Course in TNagar which will be helpful for you to get placed in the IT sector. We are amidst the innumerable institutes offering DevOps course in Chennai which offer quality education to our students.

Why FITA Academy?

Our trainers get you not only through the curriculum but also their personal experience in the industry which will prepare you for the real-time work once you are placed. DevOps Training in Chennai provides all the necessary study material related to the course. Our training techniques are not fully theoretical but have equal importance to hands-on experience.

We assure that you will get the best coaching regarding the course throughout the training. Repetitive tests and timely revision will make you analyze the contents clearly and make your expertise with the overall subject.

Course description

DevOps is utilized by almost all the organization due to its swift delivery of the applications which are defect free. This also enables the developers to discuss together from the start of the project through cross check from time-to-time.

Enormous job openings are available in the IT sector for developers with DevOps both within the country and abroad. This is the right time for you to grab the opportunity and learn DevOps Online Training and get ahead of others. It is reported that verge of increasing in future leading to a massive opening for fresher’s.


What is the need for DevOps?

For the quick and accurate delivering of applications, DevOps is used. This helps the companies in getting more profit in a shorter span of time.

Does DevOps come under agile methodology?

DevOps is a part of agile methodology which is used in the synchronization of development and production. Its demand among companies is increasing day-to-day due to the swift completion of the application as per the business requirements.

Mention the usage of CM tools.

CM stands for Configuration Management which is used in the automatic configuration & deployment for software. CM tool uses only Python and SSH. Agent architecture is used in almost all the CM tools. Some of the CM tools available are Chef,  SaltStack Puppet.

List out some of the important components available in DevOps

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration

How is DevOps useful for a developer?

Developers utilize DevOps in order to provide a defect-free application into the market within the given period which also enables team discussion without any delay.

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