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RPA Training in TNagar

If your goal is to be placed in the IT industry and build a career then RPA will be a good choice. FITA Academy offers the best learning platforms for RPA Training in TNagar to the students who are just out of college and for professionals.

Why FITA Academy?

The best timing for learning is to be decided by ourselves rather being scheduled and asked to report at the specific time. Hence, we let the decision of their learning time in their hands.

Doubts make us get a clear idea on any subject so we ensure all the doubts of every individual is cleared before the next topic is started in the class. As these doubts may be the cause of losing an opportunity in an interview in future.

RPA Training in Chennai has an abundance of scope in the IT field, as the world is moving towards an automated world.

FITA Academy trusts that if the learning environment is not friendly then it might be tough for students to get their doubts cleared and attend interviews. Hence, our trainers make the sessions as interactive as possible.

RPA Course in T-Nagar is listed on top among the various additional courses related to IT industry. Thus, FITA Academy ensures our students are getting equal attention throughout the course completion.

Even though we have complete knowledge over a subject, it cannot be useful until we put all our gained knowledge in resolving an issue in real-time. Thus, we give equal importance to theoretical and practical sessions throughout the course.

Testing the accumulated knowledge is very crucial to know how much the person was able to understand. Thus, tests are conducted on every topic in an appropriate interval of time.

Course description

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is considered more simple and swift in nature. Hence, preferred by all the MNCs around the globe. The scope of RPA is for graduates, experienced professionals and software engineers.

Once you enrol into our RPA Training in T-Nagar then you will expertise in Visual Cron, Blue Prism, UI path, Open Span, Softomotive, Automation Anywhere, Work Fusion, Synt Bots, Leo Robotic Process Automation.

FITA Academy is considered the leading RPA Online Training. Some of the certifications associated with RPA Training in T-Nagar are:

  • RPA Infrastructure Training Certification
  • RPA Developer Certification
  • RPA Business Analyst Training Certification
  • SAP Automation Training Certification
  • Orchestrator 2016.2 Training Certification
  • RPA Developer Advanced Certification


List the decisive phases of RPA Life Cycle

  • Analysis
  • Development of bots
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

List the major difference between chatbot and RPA

ChatBot – Bot is initially fed with a programmed solution for a particular issue.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – A bot is programmed in order to automate a manual business process in order to execute a task within a business function.

Mention some of the limitations of Robotic Process Automation

  • RPA is not a logical, computing’s solution. It cannot learn from experience and therefore has a ‘shelf life’.
  • Non-electronic with unstructured inputs cannot be read by RPA.
  • Enterprises need to be mindful of various incoming inputs coming from diverse sources.
  • The readiness of the company is strengthened by running tedious human effort.
  • RPA is not among the Business Process Management solution.

Name few RPA vendors in the market

  • Datamatics
  • BlackLine
  • Verint
  • EdgeVerve
  • Blue Prism
  • Kofax
  • NICE

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