How Mobile App Testing is Different From Web App Testing?

How Mobile App Testing is Different From Web App Testing?

The development of the portable ecosystem has moved the focus to application testing with the help of mobile devices like tablets, wearables, and smartphones. So many devices are used to test a larger number of mobile applications. If you want to learn mobile application testing then Join FITA Academy for the best Mobile Testing Training in Chennai. Here in this blog, we describe how mobile app testing is different from web app testing?

Mobile Applications:

A mobile app is a program developed to run on portable devices. Mobile applications are not as easy as system web applications. It is categorized into three types such as native, hybrid apps, and mobile web. 

Web Applications:

Web applications are system programs that run only with the browser. It is typically made with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 and delivers more interactivity than websites. It can be accessed through a laptop, computer, or desktop. Webmail, online shopping, and web banking are all typical examples of web applications.

How Mobile App Testing is Different From Web App Testing?

The mobile application is significant and more unique than web application testing. It is widely used for the testing of all mobile applications through the desktop or portable devices. FITA Academy’s Mobile Application Testing Online Training offers certification training with 100% placement assistance. 

Performance of Mobile Application Testing:

Mobile Web Applications:

A mobile web application is software testing that may be viewed operating the mobile browser, which is considered as we don’t have to download it for testing use. Mobile web apps such as web applications are commonly developed with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript

Primary Mobile Applications:

Primary mobile apps are more advanced and growing faster in terms of functionalities and it runs on the installation of devices. Primary mobile applications are constructed operating technical languages and also with integrated development ideas. 

Hybrid Applications:

Hybrid programs have processing access to our GPS, camera, contacts, and other details when using it in our mobile browser. Even though such programs are easier to build and support. It is slower in providing optimization to high-quality web applications and browsers. 


Mobile testing applications help businesses to develop flexibility in their web applications, which are viewed by different persons from a combination of devices. It assists in the effectiveness of the application’s scalability, usefulness, and scalability. Students in Bangalore can also join the Mobile Testing Training in Bangalore if it looks convenient for them.