Necessity of Ethical Hackers in India

Ethical Hacking CoursesEthical hackers are the backbone of an organization’s security. The necessity of ethical hackers in India is rising on a huge basis. The market has increased its demand for qualified ethical hackers who can, not just safeguard the enterprises from organized cybercrime groups but also guide them to assess their cybersecurity readiness. Countries like USA and UK are making use of ethical hackers in the best possible ways. But in India, there is a need to have a thought on white hat hackers. Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai has made it easy for professionals to achieve growth in career.

The Data Security Council of India has reported that the cyber security market is about to grow to a whopping USD 35 billion by the year 2025. Many top sources have stated that India requires at least one million skilled security professionals by 2020 which is not very far. This numerical information clearly shows that the country is facing a huge scarcity of certified and trained cybersecurity experts. The necessity for cybersecurity will rise up in the future with more and more cybercriminals attacking organizations and government establishments.

Companies are facing huge difficulties in protecting their critical information and systems from external threats because of the rising number of threats. Companies are looking for ethical hackers who can support them in protecting their operations and provide them a third person view of their security system. They are given the rights to find out the loopholes in the organization’s security. Ethical hackers make use of different types tests to learn about the integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s data. One can learn more on this through Ethical Hacking Courses.

Due to various technological advancements, cyber security has become a big headache for most companies. Many financial institutions are hiring white hat hackers to secure their networks, systems, applications and many more aspects.

In India, hacking is still seen as something that is negative. But due to the rising number of programs with bugs, ethical hacking is gaining more demand.  Many private organizations welcome third-party security analysis. Most companies prefer to outsource ethical hacking to obtain a third party view.

With more and more policies and advancements like Digital India, the necessity for ethical hackers is rising in both public and private sectors. India has an open space to accept technological changes and adapt according to it. Companies are looking for professionals with Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai. The more technological changes the industry faces, the bigger becomes the demand for skillful ethical hackers.