Reasons for Mobile App Failures

Mobile has been the portable form of entertainment and information. Even though people are floating into Play store and Appstore to download apps for entertainment and information, many apps fail to deliver what the audience is looking for. One main reason for the failure of mobile applications is ignoring Mobile Application Testing. Let us look at the various reasons for mobile app failures.

Poor Audience and Market Research

Many concepts and ideas actually are not practical or don’t work out in reality. The theory sounds attractive but what matters is the actual final output. Any step you take should be backed by an in-depth research. Research is something crucial for any industry and stream. A major reason for an app going in vain is the lack of a strong and extensive research. Many companies and developers fail to understand the importance and benefits of a good research. They need to understand and analyze both the audience and the market to be sure how successful their app will be. Companies don’t carry out in-depth research that gives you a better surety. And this is the main reason for the failure of an app.


It is very much sure that your app will face a huge failure if the content and the outlook of your app is not unique and original. The minute, audience find something repetitive, they tend to skip it and move on to the next option. The audience never gets attracted to apps that they have already seen or experienced. The more original content you provide in your app, the better will be the success of your application. There is a demand for original content because audience looks out for something new every time. Just for the sake of creating or just to attract the audience of another app, companies tend to copy other apps and this why these apps never taste failure. Take up Mobile Application Training in Chennai to know how to make your app unique and original.


iOS and Android are totally different platforms with varied interface guidelines. They use different methods of operation along with different gestures. Companies don’t give much attention to this factor. This might be because it is a necessity present outside the application. The availability of apps on all platforms is equally important to its user experience. An app should be available on all platforms to make it more successful. Only when the app reaches more people, it is considered to be successful.

Poor User Experience

All the app development efforts are ultimately to the satisfaction of the users. It is very important to keep in mind the user experience factor while developing an app. The user might have noticed and downloaded your app but he/she needs to be satisfied with the experience he/she gains. Many apps tend to have bright and colorful visuals but fail to provide the entertainment and experience the users are looking for. Understanding the necessities of the audience is made easy through Mobile Testing Course in Bangalore.

Improper Testing

Launching an app without testing it in all situations and cases is foolishness. Many developers just like that launch their apps without even testing as an act of over-confidence. Testing helps to make sure your app is error-free


The launch of a mobile app should be well planned and executed, failing of which will result in the failure of the app. Companies fail to come up with proper marketing plans. Ignoring the necessity to form a marketing plan for the launch of an app is a major mistake many people commit. The concept of Mobile Automation Testing plays an important role in the launch of an app.

These are the factors that lead to the failure of mobile apps. There is more necessity for Mobile Application Testing Online Course to ensure that only quality and worthy apps reach the audience.