Salesforce interview questions: Part 1

Salesforce interview questions: Part 1

Salesforce is the hottest topic in the industry. The more experienced are we, the more we grow knowledge to understand the questions asked in an interview about Salesforce Training in Chennai. Here we get along with you with a few Salesforce interview questions: Part 1.

What is Salesforce?
Salesforce is the most powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product that is conveyed to benefactors as a cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS).

What does a custom object permit the user to do?
Once the customer object is explained, the benefactor can execute the following tasks: relate the custom object with the other records, track tasks and events, generate custom fields, build page layouts, analyze custom object data, share custom tabs, custom objects, and create dashboards and reports. Until the custom object is been defined none of these tasks can be accomplished.

What is a custom object in Salesforce?
In Salesforce Training, custom objects mention specifically to database tables that store data related to Learn the latest salesforce applications from Salesforce Online Course.

What is Object Relationship Overview?
The object relationship overview connects custom object records to standard records in a related list. This helps to track product defects in customer cases. It allows users to explain the different types of relationships by generating a field in an object.

What is the trigger?
It is the code executed after or before the record is inserted or updated.

How is SaaS beneficial to Salesforce?
SaaS is a subscription-based and so clients choose not to discontinue or renew the program at any time without penalty to use on Salesforce Course in Bangalore. It helps to intend users to avoid heavy initial startup investments and fees. This application uses a simple Internet supporting by easy integration.

What can cause data loss in Salesforce?
Here are a few points that cause data loss in Salesforce:

  • Changing date and time
  • Changing from the checkbox, multi-select picklist, the auto number to different types
  • Migrating to number, percent, and currency from different data types
  • Modifying to multi-select picklist from any type except picklist
  • Changing to auto-number excluding from text
  • Data loss in Salesforce can be caused by a number of reasons, including:
  • Changing from text-area to e-mail, URL and text, phone

What is called as Self-Relationship?
A Self-Relationship is a progressing relationship of the same object. This premise enables users to take object “Merchandise” and generate relationships with other objects.

How many types of relationships are offered by
Master-detail and Look-up Relationships are the two recognized by

What is the Salesforce dashboard?
The dashboard is the illustration representation of the report in Salesforce Training Institutes in Chennai. In a single dashboard, 20 reports can be added.

Difference between Workflow and Trigger
Workflow is an automated process that fires an action on evaluation while Trigger is a code generated after the record is either inserted or updated.

Explain the difference between and is Software-as-a-Service, while is Platform-as-a-Service.

Limits on records
By simply clicking Salesforce users can see through their limits. From this, the users can check-in through their monthly limit and can calculate the records exported during a month. Salesforce Online Training at FITA provides you the best holistic training and the salesforce software and its application.

Define static resource in Salesforce?
Salesforce static resource can upload images, zip files, JavaScript, and CSS files that can be mentioned in a Visualforce page. The perfect size is 250MB.

Get along with the Salesforce interview questions: Part 1. Join FITA for Salesforce Training Chennai.

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