Technology Trends in 2017

Trending technology in 2017Technology is an astounding power which is used to retrieve information and communicate in different modes using a device that fits your pocket. It always needs something new on the horizon. IoT Training in Chennai is one of the most trending technologies in this year. We can’t wonder the upcoming technology marvels. Let’s have a look at the technology trends in 2017 that are dominating.

Do you have an idea of starting a business? The technologies which are listed below may be a pretty good bet. Or else are you an entrepreneur who always thinks about the target to reach out audience. Technology updates and advances are overwhelming. Technology trends are divided into three themes- intelligent, digital and mesh.


The gap between the physical and digital world continues to blur unfocused for creating more opportunities for business. Take a look at the digital world and be an increasing reflection of the physical world. The digital world is to be appeared as part of the fertile ground for business models and enabled ecosystems.

Digital Wing

Millions and millions of things are executed by digital software model. Digital twins are proxies for the combination of skilled technicians.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR change the individual way of interacting with others and software systems create immersive surroundings. VR is used for training sessions while AR enables blending of virtual and real worlds. It is for over clay graphics onto real-world objects, such as hidden wires of wall images. Already AR and VR technology have seen a major step in 2016. Numerous games are been developed in the year 2017 using VR. Pokémon Go, AR game and much more exploded to over 100 million downloads. We are going to see things which are going to take off in the upcoming years.


Blockchain values exchange of transactions sequentially grouped into blocks. It is a type of ledge distributer. Distributed-ledge and Blockchain concepts are gaining because they hold the promising of converting the industry operating models such as identify verification, music distribution, and title registry. This act as a promising model for untrusted and reduced business frictions, providing transparent access to information in Blockchain. FITA provides you the best Blockchain Training in Chennai with placement assistance.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have reached heights with critical tipping points. It will be an increasingly augment and extended virtual enabled services. Making of these intelligent systems that adapt, learn and potentially act as a simple execute predefined instructions is battling for technology vendors.

Intelligent Things and Apps

Intelligent apps include technologies like VPAs; have the potential to convert workplace everyday tasks easier. Intelligent Things general fall into three categories: Drones, Robots and autonomous vehicles. Each area involves an impact of the larger segment of the market. Apps are not limited to new digital assistants.

Machine Learning

It includes technologies like neutral learning, neural networks, deep learning and natural language processing. The combination of parallel processing power and massive data sets are to feed the algorithm to unleash this new era. Get to know about Machine Learning Course in Chennai to start your career.  System change and learn future leading to more intelligent programs and devices.


The term Mesh refers to the dynamic connection of people, things and services support digital ecosystems. Some of the Mesh trending Cloud Computing Training in Chennai technologies are as follows:

  • Mesh App and Service Architecture
  • Conversational Systems
  • Adaptive Security Architecture
  • Digital Technology Platforms

Explore Technology Trends in 2017 technologies which are dominating. Technology is a collection of methods, skills, and processes used in the production of services or goods in the accomplishment of objectives. Brush up your Basic Java Online Training to start with the latest technology trends.

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